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YONAS - Live It Up

[Verse 1]
(Uh. Yeah)
Man the world needs better laws
Maybe then we’ll be better off
I’m hoping that it comes but it never does
I just wanna be the man my dad never was
Hear my music it’s all soul
Just got new grills and they're all gold
So I got that beef with the po-po
They don’t like my style oh no no
I don’t really give a damn I keep steering
Switch gears and the fans just keep cheering
No interceptions no interference
I’m on the A team, no Ed Sheeran
I’m headed for the stage now they’re clearing
All the bad women in the building
Damn there’s mad mad women in the building
Lets get it started tonight

This one's on me, let's go downtown tonight
One shot, two shots, I don’t really know if I’m counting right
We drink it down, so we can live it up
'Cause you never know what tomorrow brings in this crazy life
This life, this life, this life, this life
And I’m thankful, even when they say I’m crazy for living’
(Oh yeah baby. It's all I got.)
This life, this life, this life, this life
(Hey. It's all I got yo)
So let's drink to, everything that we've been through...

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