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YBN Cordae - Kung Fu

Day-Day-Daytrip took it to 10

Let me tell you how I come through with the 1-2
Kickin' shit like kung fu
Treat a bad bitch like she average
I'm a savage, lil' ho, what you wan' do?
I'm about cash if the route fast
I'ma get that lil' nigga, by any means
Momma complain 'bout my Balmains, but it's all sane
Couple racks in my skinny jeans

Ayy, hit it up, one time
Niggas gonna get it until the sunrise (Ayy)
School of hard knocks, I'm alumni
Bitches on my dick like fungi
Won't stop, what's that?
Keep the Tommy on me like a Rugrat (Ayy)
Niggas used to trap where the bus at
Tell momma I'ma quit but I love cash

[Verse 1]
I'ma just get it and get it again
Come ups I split with my friends, ayy
Twenty's them twenty's them twinny twin twin
Tryna flip Ford to a Benz
I'ma get it, I'ma get it regardless
Bussin juugs, I used to trap out the college
Give me brain, I swear that bitch is a scholar
No snakes around me, only snake on my collar
I'm a thief in the night, pray to Jesus, to Christ
Better hope he believe in your life
Free my lil' nigga Saudi, was catching them bodies
He fighting his demons to light
All my niggas be trapping, your niggas be rapping
They robbed you, you asking what happened
Got a new bitch from China, she wearing designer
I'm lacing her in the new fashion, ayy

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