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Xavier Wulf - 1st Summer Night

"Why'd you come out here tonight?"
"I was hoping I'd be able to see you"

We here
I pulled up with my friends
We rollin' blunts again
She pulled up with her friend
She asked if they could get in
I said but what you mean
She said she got her own weed
She don't beg for anythin'
I said cool then come with me
She saw my S13
Then she dropped to her knees
Then her eyes teared up
I said what this supposed to mean
She said "I love your car
I admire it from a far
I saw you ridin' in the city
But did not know who you were"
Now we both up here together
I'm going out on the limb
Then she said "Can we be friends?"
I said "Wait what? Come again"
She said "Yeah, I know it's weird
But I like the way this feels"
She said she can keep it real
I said "That's the only deal"
Then she pulled her S14
With no SR she do JZ
I saw her name on her seat
She was the queen of Akagi
Damn, I'm back in Fujiwara house
Ain't nothin' to talk about
You see us smokin' now
While we sit in silence
I let my window down
To hear the engines out
Around the city
Cryin' secret languages
And I'm still smokin' out 20 blunts
In rotation
It's only me and I'm fadin'
I hate it I'm trynna' level out
And I'm still thinkin' bout her
I'm trynna' shake it
But I can't seem to make it
I think I'm tangled up
I pulled up to my friends
Just to clear my head and then
We hear motors in the mount
But we always park here
I said "What the fuck is this?"
We pulled off so fuckin' quick
Throwin' pounds on the clutch
Nigga switchin' straight to fifth
All I thought about was this
When I get there Imma flip
How the hell they pull up on Akina
And trynna' rip
Now we slide up to the end
And I see her car and then
Her's along with her friend
She said she's glad I came again
"I was hoping I'd be able to see you
I just wanted to see you
I'm not bugging you am I ?"You might also like

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