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Wiz Khalifa - Too Late

[Hook x2]
Niggas don't want no problems
Easily will just solve em
So stop your mouth I'm talking
And start your feet and walking

[Verse 1]
I sit down in this motherfucker
Burn a pound in this motherfucker
Shake the ground off this motherfucker
With concrete beats, Mobbing these streets
My whole team getting me all in this deep, so lets get it popping
First kid to act silly, first kid he dropping
Its too late there's no way that you could really stop him
And blood bath I put the nail in the coffin, I'm availing with bosses
Niggas down with Uzi's
I ain't tripping, I'm whipping
Getting a lift from a pigeon
See with us there's a difference, you'd be simping I'm pimping
You just play a position, I'm just the bricks in the kitchen
And my [?] I'm the sickest just living
Fuck it life of deceased, I'm a beast fresh off the leash
Its too late to run if you scared
So take a glass and put a blunt in the air

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