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Wiz Khalifa - On My Level (feat. Too $hort)

Hahah, say Jim

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
It’s the champagne pourin’, big joint rollin’
Bombay sippin’, no blunt smokin'
Bad bitch gettin’ thick, and she got some friends with her
I take ‘em out, pour shots of liquor
Drinkin' out the bottle, smilin' in all my pictures
The marijuana loud so them hoes follow like Twitter
Nigga you know everything Taylor
Don’t rush to the bar, fool, if you ain't got no paper, that’s the rules
High as fuck, sloppy drunk when I’m passin' through
Rollin’ doobies up, your ho who we pass ‘em to
Hit the club, spend this money up
Roll another one, drink, act a fool, that's what I have to do

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
See I've been drinking champagne, all night
Never worry bout a damn thing, y’all might
Homie I’m on my level (yeah) I'm on my level (yeah)
I’m on my level (yeah) I’m on my level (yeah)
So let me take one shot, to the brain
And I order three more shots, I’m going in
Ayy, I’m on my level (yeah) I’m on my level (yeah)
I’m on my level (yeah) I’m on my level (yeah)

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