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Wiz Khalifa - Medicated (Feat. Chevy Woods And Juicy J)

You be anything you want
Just keep going, going, gone, gone, gone
It don't stop here nigga

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Back when I was young I had dreams of getting richer
Then my homie Breeze set me down schooled me to the picture
I was with some wild niggas put me on the game
Told me if you tryin' to make your move you gotta know your lane homie
All you got your name and your word so never break it
For this life you pay a price you get a chance you gotta take it
Cause most niggas never make it they stranded where I'm from
Ain't no conversation all they understand is get a gun
I was riding in my Bonneville hoping I could make it
Out selling P’s and smoking weed avoiding police right up the street
Way back in the day before I had all of this paper
Before I had all of these diamonds, before I had all of these haters

[Refrain: Wiz Khalifa]
Now I remember when, I seen it and to me it was stuntin'
I remember when, I bought it I ain't need it or nothing
Always in a different state so now they label me a goner
I ain't come up out of nowhere I'm from straight up off the corner
Now everywhere we go, they probably know my name cause I been there
Now everywhere we go, they said how much I spend when I'm in there
And I'm throwing up my money for the ones who never made it
Sayin' fuck the ones who hated, roll one up and celebrate

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