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Wiz Khalifa - Get Sum

Yeaaah Bitch!
Getcha some
It might look good on ya
Yeah, yeah...Get some
Yeah, yeah, Get some
Yeah, yeah, Get some
Yeah, yeah, get some
Yeah, yeah, get some

[Verse 1]
They say the boy is sick and they can't diagnose my symptoms
Went and seen the doctor tryna find me a prescription
Told him since an early teen all I seen the color green
He said it ain't nothing wrong, probably wasn't listening
Listening, out of town
I'm anywhere the paper be
Grandma tell me go to church somebody need to pray for me
So I leave and go and see the preacher he said "holy smoke!"
See I'm nothing like you, my pockets got the holy ghost
From that side of town where you can get for the shorty low
Fuck about a price tag everything's affordable
And my homie told me you a nigga be a rich one
Why you on ya ass?
If you ain't got no money get sum

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