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Witt Lowry - GHOST

They wanna tear you down, but they don't want you to be down
Gettin' caught up, makes you feel dizzy
I'll be honest with you
Fuck it!

Another day (Another day), another night (Another night)
Another fucking battle in my mind
A lotta love (Lotta love), a lotta hate (Lotta hate)
A lot who want to see me unwind
I feel alone (Feel alone), all alone (All alone)
"Now get your shit together" is what I'm told
Been feelin' low (Feelin' low), super low (Super low)
And they won't even care 'til I'm ghost (Yeah)

[Verse 1]
Used to dream of the top, had nightmares at the bottom
'Til I realized at the bottom is the top when forgotten
Pray I don't fall, like autumn
When you feel more like a product than a person, there's a problem
Been feelin' so low, I don't want no one to know
I just need somethin' to cope
Leave me alone, told 'em all, "Leave me alone"
Then wonder, "Where do they go?"
Been here before, push away people I love
Just so they never get close
End of my rope, I don't think anyone care
Maybe they will when I go
Maybe they'll talk about me on the internet ('Net)
They never care, only care when they benefit (Yeah)
Introvert honestly out of my element (Yeah)
Still I'm afraid of becoming irrelevant (Oh, yeah)
Pay attention to the ones who don't clap when you win
If they lie to you once, then they'll do it again
Knew the hurt would come back, I just didn't know when
And the night of the crash, I thought it was the end
All it takes is a moment to alter a life
And I thought about that for the rest of the night
Am I makin' a difference with things that I write?
Just a human, you don't know the demons I fight, so—

“GHOST” was first teased on Witt Lowry’s Instagram story on August 7, 2018. and on January 23, 2019, Witt further teased it with a post of a snippet of the track on this tweet What have the artists said about the song? "I needed to do something to vent out how I was feeling, and that’s when I created GHOST. I know I walked away from that crash for a reason, and that reason is because my job here on earth isn’t finished yet. I hope this song resonates with you all, I’m pretty certain it will."

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