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Willie Bobo - Spanish Grease

Ain't no love
Ain't no love
Ain't no love
Ain't no love

We're missing in action living in a time when it's in fashion
To be gun flashing, blasting that's why we ain't lasting
All fastened, strapped ready for rivals harassing
Looking over your shoulder ducking cars that are passing
In my rumbo you hear that latin lingo
Guns shoot through at pachucos fuckin? sickos
With four nickels nobody walks around single
Get caught slipping they'll pull your card from a window
It's that simple locals get gaffled by barrio locos
Steal their spanish grease making them shed a tear like willie bobo
Over dollars, chains and rings things that are worth poco
A coco's out there stealing 'cause they're fiending for perico
A head crack will strike and attack for a sack
Pawn or sell your shit to buy a rock and bring that high back
That's why I strap it's my defense against those
Who are committing defense randomly becoming foes?
Shit is survival of fittest testing who's biggest and realest on the street
Feel this beware of killers, stealers and dealers
Rebel guerillas striking on policemen who give us
Hard times in the city where no love is with us

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