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Wild Party - Violet

[Verse 1]
The violet texture's so Van Gogh
Your hands have always held their own
I'll help you decorate your garden home
I'm curious, I've come to know
With every spark, we're losing glow
We've lived to compliment but now where do we grow?
Some leave share an attribute with you, dandelion
You're both fading since you heard a whisper in the autumn wind
Some trees are deciduous, October's feeling cool
And these contagious idealizations aren't conserving any fuel

And as we grow old, we won't feel all this weight
We build strength through consequence
Each season's a theme for what takes place
We don't celebrate controversy
My heart's flaring its disgrace
I'm not here to let you down
Apart this life just doesn't taste much like the place that I once knew
Without you

[Verse 2]
Mile markers, milestones
Take what we like and let it show
That we experience the high times and the low
Nutrients will come and go, our loyalty won't move
Appreciation's what we're chasin'
What we're chasin's far and few

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