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Wild Party - Nicely Done

[Verse 1]
We've got our thoughts perfecting words that you are soon to hear (Soon to hear)
With a brighter tone for elders, yeah, we'll make this sound sincere
Even when we're after trouble, we can be considerate
With a conscience for each other, all around we benefit

Begging to help you quit, wouldn't your mom insist
A painless way to solve indifference?

Everyone's confound to make it in this town
By taping up their frowns with new behavior
Make all of the sound you want, no one's around
Our friends are coming down, it's all familiar

[Verse 2]
We speak a language no one's heard and use a Mayan calendar
Our method's undiscovered and this township's still preserved
We wonder once our cover's blown if all our work will spill
Through reservoirs and jungles from Lawrence to Brazil

Begging to help you quit, wouldn't your mom insist
It's time you compensate for what you missed?

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