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Wild Party - New Light

[Verse 1]
Where's my kind? I wonder when I'll find my own
What is there to life when you're lonesome?
I know I've got time and I'm hopeful
Far away I've traveled, stuck with memories
Lately, there's been change without warning (Change without warning)
I remain the same and it's boring you

But I don't really wanna know the kind of friends you've made since I
Heard you got acquainted with the boy I told you I despise

Keeping it true through a dark debut
I'm shedding light on something new
Gotta bend before you move
Hey, tell me is there something good in being wrong?

[Verse 2]
Stay on time, I better keep myself in line
Suddenly I'm losing my patience
Questioning which stars are worth chasing
Morning light shines early, must I adjust my eyes?
'Cause I could melt in this moment
Dreams of how I felt when I noticed you

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