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Weezer - Tired of Sex

These are Rivers Cuomo approved, so if you correct them you are wrong

I m tired, so tired
I m tired of having sex
I m spread so thin
I don t know who I am
(who i am)

Monday night I m makin Jen
Tuesday night I m makin Lyn
Wednesday night I m makin Catherine
Oh, why can t I be makin Love come true?

I m beat, beet red
ashamed of what I said (what i said)
I m sorry, here I go
I know I m a sinner
But I can t say no (say no)

Thursday night I m makin Denise
Friday night I m makin Sharise
Saturday night I m makin Louise
Oh, why can t I be makin Love come true
(what can i do)

Tonite, I m down on my knees
Tonite I m beggin you please
Tonite, tonite, please
Why, can t I be makin love come true

"Tired of Sex", written before the release of the Blue Album, has Rivers Cuomo describing meaningless sex encounters with groupies, reciting his list of encounters and wondering why true love eludes him.

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