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Wand - Rio Grande

[Verse 1]
Packing up the car and we're leaving late again
Chase an advil, sunrise, I'm gonna piss my pants
Been smoking on the mountains, the light burns through my hands
I'm coughing up this silence, along the Rio Grande

[Verse 2]
The rivers twist like spider silk around the stolen land
Your tears roll off into the sea and flood the Rio Grande
You're beautiful, you're perfect, we're lovers with no plan
Crossing through the valley from the Rio Grande

Soaring, transcendent ambient-rock from the LA quintet. Rian Murphy: Ty Segall introduced us to Wand in 2014. Playing their debut back-to-back with their latest, Laughing Matter is like playing Meat Puppets against Up On The Sun - You never saw it coming and it happened so fucking fast. They were one thing, then they were another. If we're not all dead by next year (relax, that's sarcasm), Wand bode well for the future, as this cut brings us full circle, measuring some truths about America and Americana in the provocative form of new music. May it always be. Also post-acid.

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