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Wallows - Hard to Believe

[Verse 1: Dylan Minnette]
I know the summer won't change
All the fires that start can't be saved
Does that apply to you and me too?
There's some things I've been meaning to say to you
Like "I just want to breathe"
Is that so hard to believe?

[Verse 2: Dylan Minnette]
What age would you call your prime?
We've been at this for a long time
That's a point that I think I could use
I can't make up another drawn-out, vague excuse
[Pre-Chorus: Dylan Minnette]
I'm trying hard not to lie
Things I'm keeping close on both sides
But is my silence deafening you?
It keeps me up at night, I just need a few

[Chorus: Dylan Minnette]
And I just want to breathe
Is that so hard to believe?
Or would you agree with me?
And who would you choose to be?
I think that we'll have to see before too long now

[Bridge: Dylan Minnette]
Got you checking in again
I've got a friend I've been talkin' to
And if you knew I've fallen out
You're checking in again
(In love with someone again)
I've got a friend I've been talkin' to
(She's a friend I've been talking to)
And if you knew, I've fallen
(And if she knew, I'm falling)

[Outro: Dylan Minnette]
And I hope you're happy with the things that you've got
And I'll still remember all the bright parking lots
And I can finally breathe
Is it so hard to believe it now?
Was I tough to be around?
Well maybe you're better now
All because I let you down
I know there's so much I didn't say
I don't want to be that way
I guess that's a price you pay
For giving your trust away
I'm giving mine nowYou might also like

"Hard To Believe" is the opening track on sophomore album "Tell Me That It’s Over" by LA-based band Wallows. The track sets up a lot of themes for the album, with lyrical and instrumental parallels that let the listener in on what’s to come. In a promotional video for the album on Spotify, band member Cole Preston said about the song: "It’s a great opening track for the record because it’s not necessarily something that Wallows fans would expect, starting with just strings and vocals, and there’s all these scene changes. You wouldn’t realize this on the first listen, but it actually sets up a lot of the things that you’re about to hear on the record in a unique way." “Hard to Believe” was not always how we pictured this album starting. Once Ariel decided that he could picture it going in a Pinkerton-era Weezer and my bloody valentine direction, it sparked an idea of having these string stabs opening the song, [and it sounded] really interesting. By the end of the album process, we realized it was the most exciting and unpredictable way to open the next Wallows album." – Dylan Minnette via Apple Music

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