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Wallows - are you bored yet

[Verse 1: Dylan Minnette with Clairo]
What's wrong?
You've been asking but I don't have an answer
How come?
I'm still thinking, let's pretend to fall asleep now
When we get old, will we regret this?
Too young to think about all that shit
And stalling only goes so far when you've got a head start

[Chorus: Dylan Minnette with Clairo]
'Cause we could stay at home and watch the sunset
But I can't help from asking, "Are you bored yet?"
And if you're feeling lonely you should tell me
Before this ends up as another memory
Will you tell the truth so I don't have to lie?
Will you tell the truth so I don't have to lie?

[Verse 2: Clairo]
Feels like I've known you my whole life
I can see right through your lies
I don't know where we're going
But I'd like to be by your side
If you could tell me how you're feeling
Maybe we'd get through this undefeated
Holding on for so long

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