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Walk the Moon - Timebomb

[Verse 1]
Every night, every day
Ten times outta nine, I'm a hand grenade
I don’t wanna push you away, but I'm warning you, babe
This ain't a green light, no serenade
It’s a red flag before the mayday
Check all of my signs, keep away, I'm warning you, babe

Afraid to light the fuse again; start a fire, lose a friend
But when your heart opens, it's like I'm ready to fall again

Who tripped the red wire out of the blue?
Swept off my feet, said, "God save me now"
How many people dance in a dark room?
Swept off my feet, said, "God save me now"
Is it real love? Is it real love?
Ti-ti-ti-ticking like a time-bomb
I can feel your, I can feel your heart
Ti-ti-ti-ticking like a time-bomb

[Verse 2]
Heads up, look alive
The more that I stare into your eyes
The more I get lost in your face; I'm warning you, babe
A red line, danger zone
Point of no return coming real close
Pulling me in, I'm afraid, I'm warning you, babe

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