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Walk the Moon - Kamikaze

[Verse 1]
Here in this room
I'm chasing down my demons
I can hear them breathing
But who knew
That you would be my comfort
You could bring the healing

If my friends gonna let me slide
How come you never left my side
Before I go make it last all night
While I slip into the great divide

Stepping out of body
No matter what you call it
I'm a kamikaze
Abandon all your logic
And put your money on it
I'm a kamikaze
Going down with my wings on fire
Guess I'll see you in another life
Stepping out of body
You can tell everybody
Mama, I'm a kamikaze

[Verse 2]
All is not lost
My veins are seething
I can feel the freedom
Let them talk
It's not about the crown
We could share the kingdom

Stepping out of body
No matter how you call it
This is suicidal honey
Nothing you can do about it
Let me take the check with the reckless abandon on it
Just call me kamikaze

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