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Void Of Vision - Nightmare

My mind is at war with my thoughts
I feel vindictive to the fact that you've left me to work on my own two feet
And now I feel this way just know there's no turning back
What's done is done and I have
No remorse for your loathsome acts
They claw and claw through my mentality
Leaving me with the worst, how do I know what to believe in
When all I see is the lie you left me

And now these demons that I trapped underneath my skin are haunting me
This very scene I bought upon myself
I said I was so fucking cold and I meant it

There's no connection between our minds
Because you went and tore it apart
You broke me. Provoked me
To justify a reason why I'm still here

My life, I'll take one step at a time, not knowing what's wrong or right, I'm waiting for a sign
The closer that you look, the less in time you'll see

Abandoned all that was left
To break the mould inside my head
Your deceit, it will breed and ingest in me

What doesn't kill me makes me wish it did
What doesn't kill me makes me fucking wish it did
I'll wipe the doubt away and erase my mind
So fucking regretful of a life I've left behind
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