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Vince Staples - Surf

[Produced by Clams Casino & Mikky Ekko]

[Verse 1: Vince Staples]
Broken home, all I had was my homeboys
Either build or destroy, what you going for?
Just a pawn and a plan tryin' to hold on
When the smoke clear why was the war fought?
'Bout time you abandon the folklore
How you rich but your bitch in an old Ford?
How you black sellin' crack for the white man?
How you real, wouldn't kill for your right hand?
On the stand sworn in with ya right hand
It was all goin' good 'til the rave end
Knife scars on ya neck from ya best friend
Now it's talk, keep a Tec on the nightstand
Every nigga dead to the world 'til his life end

[Chorus: Kilo Kish]
You got it, I armed it, you dreamed it, I start it
You're missin' the target, what more can you ask me for?
You want it, my dearly departed
I cocked back and shot it, what more can you ask me for?

[Verse 2: Vince Staples]
More black kids killed from a pill than the Feds in the projects
In the Planned Parenthood playin' God with ya mom's check
You ain't even been to prom yet
Sixteen, heard you wanna be a star girl
What he charge for the dream that you bought, girl?
What's the price on a life in this dark world?
Couple hundred where I come from
How you sleep when the sun down?
I ain't really tryna judge
They be lookin' for somebody you can love
He was lookin' for somebody he could fuck
Took ya body, wouldn't bother with you none
Spoiled rotten in the bottom of the slums
Caught up in the fun

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