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Verse - The Relevance of Our Disconnect

She watched us all put a price tag on anything we
Her gifts neatly repackaged and presented
In a way that is entirely misunderstood:
Watered down and compromised
Lives that were once free have been stolen
So now she calls on us to steal them back

"What's ours is ours, the little we have."

We wait patiently at the end of the table for their
We fight amongst each other and emulate the first
When we should identify with the last
"Their suits are a symbol of the perpetual power of a
Dominant class
See through the handshake and see the sneer in a smile
You will all put your hand in theirs
But you must remember:
They keep their plates full through acts of oppression
And lies
Their cups of blood red wine flowing with the sweat of
Your kind."

She shakes and waves frantically to make us understand
That we will have to learn to know patience

In our nightmares:
A utopia just beyond our grasp;
A hand scolded and burning with the boiling bloodlust
Of our past
In our dreams:
We live and love equal;
We walk with bitter clarity, uncommon grace, and as
Tall as the rest
Someday: glowing and radiantYou might also like

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