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Verse - Lost

Everything is insane
Young man walked into the end of everything
Took a few out with him
He was never molded
Quite like the rest of those lucky ones
It was understood early on
That life was unforgiving
"It wasn't out of hate now was it son?"
"I'm not your fucking son"
Keep on searching for the answers motherfucker
Cus' I'm sure there will be another one just like him
It could have been me
It could have been you
Young man longing for that affection
Coming up short
And only receiving leftovers of his father's addictions
Tossed aside with nowhere to go
He falls flat on his face
In his quest for a place to call home
Live a lifetime in just 17 years
Tortured and neglected
He searches for solid ground
But still comes up short
Without his mother's affection
He walks an empty street of insanity
It could have been me
It could have been you

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