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Verse - Hard To Breathe

I've spent my life questioning everything
Sometimes what is placed right in front of us
I find so hard to believe
It can crush us so hard
That it becomes difficult to breathe
"Give it some time"
Is just not enough
I've gotta dig deeper than that
To find so comfort
We sit and pretend
That we're content
But I feel we've covered up
Our rage that keeps us driven
Searching for something more
Living in a cold world
But it doesn't have to be that way
We're keeping ourselves down
We don't bite the oppressive hand
That's feeding us all lies
Yes denial feels so good
But we are marching ourselves
To an untimely grave
Simply by our actions
We have become
Our own worst enemies
And I feel we've covered up our rage
That keeps us driven
Searching for something more
The hand that feeds
Is the hand that's keeping you down

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