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Vampire Weekend - Mansard Roof

I see a mansard roof through the trees
I see a salty message written in the eaves
The ground beneath my feet
The hot garbage and concrete
And now the tops of buildings, I can see them too

The Argentines collapse in defeat
The admiralty surveys the remnants of the fleet
The ground beneath their feet
Is a nautically-mapped sheet
As thin as paper
While it slips away from view

"Mansard Roof" is the debut single by indie rock band, Vampire Weekend, released on October 23, 2007. This opening track sets the tone for the entire album. A mansard roof is a type of roof typically found in the region of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, which goes with the Ivy League image the band has cultivated. Ironically (but intentionally), this track’s lyrical content is in fact critical of elitism and imperialism.

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