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UnoTheActivist - Das Him

Oh, yeah

I get so high, I could sit on God's knees
I took LSD, now I'm one with the trees
I bought her some Popeyes, she think she a queen
I fuck her, I pop my head just like a spleen
This ho must be French, always talkin' 'bout "We"
We know there is no us, just a you and a me
I have no emotions when I'm on that bean
You gotta look twice, it's CC on my feet
These hoes on my skin like a dog with some fleas
"Who havin' drip?" I'm like, "Who do you think?"
I open my eyes, she like, "Who do you see?"
Very rare drip from Riccardo Tisci

I walk in this bitch, she like, "Who is him?"
I walk with the bag, they knew that was him
I ain't seen nobody that's cool as him
I'ma act brand new like, "Who is them?"
Who? Who? (Yeah)
Who? Who? (Dig?)
Who? Who? (Who?)
I'ma act brand new like, "Who is them?"
Who in the fuck do you think you are?
Think I'm the man, I think I'm a star
I got the Perc' and the Xans in a jar
Chanel on my lens, I can see far (Ha)

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