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Unknown T - WW2

--- upsee me and my boo
Let's fry up the beef cah they chat too loose
Man beat off the wap no proof
The beef goes on, now it's World War II
Re-up then feed the recruits
Bill up and add blem in my off-white boots
A yute got touched down, who's on the news? (Whoosh)
Top Gear in a drop-top, upsee me and my boo

[Verse 1]
No BXB when I mush Hard Rock, I put blades in brown
Let's liven the beef, paigons can't circle around
He lacked, no faces found
We two dumpy young Gs on the works up opps then twerk up the town
Rebrowse, no Vaseline ting, man dig or we rub man out
We hide from pigs cah we burst up clowns
It might back ping but I don't have doubts
They try look lit but they don't have clout
Fill that PR with a different bounce
Bought that gliz with a Turkish round
.32 or spin, let me lurk this 'round
I heard this chick want a Birkin now
Gyal love chat shit, come and twerk it down (Down, down)

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