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Unknown T - Deh Deh

(800 Hertz)
Rise up the thing and BOW, dead
Let's ding right round
Slap P's for a tech-no watch but I'm able to bust that down
9 gang circle around (Mmhmm)

Rise up the ting and BOW, dead
We crash on peds .44 in the back, let's ding right round
Slap P's for a tech-no watch but I'm able to bust that down
No way we don't do no square routes 9 gang circle around
On my block there's a T meeting tell my young boy circle around
Ain't my luck if the ting don't sneeze don't care if it's P's I'm bruckin' it down
Don't flex and chill with the opps then think that everything Chris like Brown
9 boys pop up with skengs, both sides no trace and we're lurkin' your town

[Verse 1]
You don't know about stress on a ride
With a Samurai, holdin' my waist and fidget
And if we buck opps like bells in a skeng
Reverse it back and then wig it
I'm speakin' facts, I don't chat shit on the trap, man live it (Mm)
******, ******, booted your mumsie's yard
All now, that son didn't chippin' (Baow)
All of my favourite pagans locked in the wok
Now I'm beefin' clowns and chickens
Back then I was young with the Smithton—
So I ain't gotta prove no points
Real gangsters don't need to talk 'bout drillings
I made some cake to my name
This paper attracted a load of women
I'm a natural thug so the ladies love how I'm winning
Feds took both of the waps, that's a big expense
Now half of my team on the bench
It's sad 'cause the opp boys think they got booters
More time, they ain't been bent, listen, Free Chapo
We were in the bando plottin' things, it's ments
Opps get watered daily, dare man, circle around
And you're gonna get drenched, splash, wet up

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