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Unknown T - Daily Duppy


Fresh out the cage for a slaughter
Damn, I was stunned when the case got brought up
It's just me and my bros like Warner
Hold up, wait, let me take that corner
Burst in whip and replace that quarter
See how the weights transformer
Back roads, TT and it's crisp like Walker
Bag full of whoosh but who's the informer?
Look, ding dong trips with t'ree-double-o's
Don't slip 'cause we lurk in order
There's PCD's with the Trident vests at my door but I ain't no talker
The opps try come with a script got flipped and them boy wrote off, no author
I see bare man dust when they saw that Corsa
Splash, splash, bare Fiji water
Opp block trip with a bally, my bro got knicked with a boarer, boarer
Now he can't fly out or move round the border
Cah he keep serving probation order
Pass the ting over, the bread got watered
Park the two blockies, now they got sorted
Ugh, broski's taking the piss
How you taking a pic with a waigon's daughter?
The Regina tried put me to test
I hate when they ain't tryna dish out a evs
Man sit on remand and stress
Cah it ain't a game, it's life or death
Fresh, fresh on a streets
Man threw up the beef
Any mash that I want, man gets
The feds try knick me for what now?
Hold up, that's not me like Skep
Look man know I got a tiny temper
Lemme cool off, baby girl don't stress
I go STK then I call her
Got two bills, she got two in her breast
Hotel Raddison Blu, I'm bunning a zoot
Gyal, come here and bill some zegs
Listen, come with the chip gyal
Give me the drop on the opper's address
Roads too smokey, no salmon
I was locked up, tryna work on my album
But there's pagan boys in the jailhouse
Way too much that I can't even count 'em
A few, a few opps in a wok, who found them? Us
My Queen Counsel told me that the evs was dead, let's take it to trial then
I done two times walking out of the Bailey
Go stay low from the siren
They see man run on the back roads
Swinging my boar, it's force I'm applying
Look, jailhouse ting
Bro bros tryna lurk and he froze, let me go and grab my ting
They done too much chat, had enough of the opps, bare reboars hyping
Besides them, CPS and Tridents move like rap is the cause of violence
Deja vu, I bust all indictments
No more jail cah my freedom's priceless
CID still onto the 9ers
I'm in the jailhouse swinging my arms
Got beef in the marsh, lurky with the lifers, ugh
Big drip, call that "Chanaynay"
Watch me go whip that O, no silent
Oh, see one of the jurors sleeping in court
Then I'm giving the usher a silent note
CPS, they know that the verse weren't right
In the court with the Trident, don't
I've been lit before they paid me
Buss down tints, drive by in the ride with smoke (Ugh)
Breeze out the car, there's an opp in the 9
It's us, lurking through in a dinger
I put two plus two in a spinner
Buss, if not then we lurk with a chinger
Poke or shave him smoothly with a clipper
He can hold one too cah he been on the fence and he's way too inner, inner, inner
Brozay's losing the plot in the hood, feels like I'm living in Black Mirror
Ghost, ghost, move like Big Tipper
We serve food in our capital
TT coming in hood and extra like Yinka
There's OT flakes in a bake
Watch it marinate rocks and we chop that dinner
My little brozay's tryna move with an Uz'
Cah there's bare bloodstains when he bust that trigger
Airborne blood all over the dinger
Whoosh, first in the pool like Liver
Pull up then gun anyone that's similar
A yout got hella ching stripes, no Tigger
Now we got bare red juice like Bigga
Free my cody then fly up COT then chop up the shape like Triller
Tik Tok, gun man stance in the function
Wind up your waist with my hand on my trigger (Ugh)
Rotate and flip like my flick knife babe
Honey, shake those hips (Ugh)
I can't get lidge rips cah the firearms, jakes interrupt man's trips (Ugh)
Real check, no ins, that's back to the compound thanks to the pigs
I'm the best at my age, no fibs, who can flow like this?
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