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Unknown T - 22 Double 0

Beow, beow, beow, mhmh
(I love Chris Rich)

Two-two, double-O, like it's 10 PM
I got no bail, went straight to the pen
I heard my man's talkin' smoke in the wok
'Til I bucked that gem (Dickhead)
On God, jailhouse won't see me again (Nope)
I boassed, I boassed up on my block
Made it pop 'til I beat it again
Quick, soak him, pree up again, quick
Look, anytime when we do that trip
I boot, I boot loaded sticks (Grrrr)
When me and my brodie step with a two-two
Ran in the pitch, run off
Bare grown men can't handle the fame, so they hate on the kid
I can't talk on the shit that I did
You know dem man conversе with the pigs
VS1 on my two-stone pendant
Drivе out, we greet ya nice, we're fencin'
He wants a BBQ, don't mention
Hop out the C32 with my bredrin
Nine or the HLB with the enders
End man quick cah these witness are blenders (End man)
HB4, it was us man, bottles and books and a jailhouse pension
I heard there's packs, there's a stain in the bits, of course
I'll clean up the yard like chores (Clean up)
You wan fuck with my re up, beat up the yute man
And don't take no draws
I can't deal with the jail law, behind them doors
Get bent beyond reasonable force
You can get clapped like a round of applause
No cap, jail cats in the gates indoors
Endorse on tools, I don't speak to the porks
So they take me to docks, my QC's bought
Had to pay the depos'
That DayDates cool, I can pay, what's the cost
The opp boys talk
We can walk that Crocodile teeth in Lacoste
The paigons cross cah they don't make dosh
Better PYG if we glee that block
Only VIP up in DXB, I'm a gulag Boss
Tweak on tour cah we make shit pop
Like TNT when we beat out teeth on explosive blocks
Dis brownskin's leng
But she don't give top cah she love lip gloss
She's on her own ting with her own Datejust
Ballers can't cuff
Yo, she wanna be with a G, I'm chuffed
(I love Chris Rich)You might also like

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