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The third track on "Flower Boy" features Shane Powers providing radio vocals. They collaborated on “BLOW MY LOAD” and “BUFFALO” from "Cherry Bomb". The track also features Wyatt Navarro. This song works as an intro for “See You Again” and reveals that he might be talking about a boy on the fourth track. Tyler has made a different version of the song so too. He stated that he originally made an eight minute version of the song while in the studio but cut it down to the 36 seconds we hear. When Tyler performs the song live he adds an extra verse before Shane Powers' part. "'I have this instrumental called “Sometimes” and it’s really just piano for 36 seconds. But the chords that I use in it are really just the ones that play in my head all day — just daydreaming. And I sing a small melody over it and the music that I really like and base of the shit that I love is just really pretty chords and then a simple melody over it. I have a six-minute version of that 36 seconds that I like to listen to a lot. The version I have, that I didn’t put on the album, has like a verse to it and it’s really pretty. That shit just melts my fucking soul.'" – Tyler, The Creator talking about his favorite "Flower Boy" track with King Krule for Oyster Magazine.

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