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“I THINK” questions both Tyler’s mental state and his feelings in a romantic relationship. Tyler doesn’t know whether to continue to be vulnerable, because of his partner’s actions and their effect on Tyler, but his curiosity grows and latches on to the bond he has created with this person. This pushes him to believe in love. This develops the theme of love throughout the album, as introduced in the previous track. The repetition of the terms ‘four’ and ‘skate’ over and over represent the rap tone of this song as it is a similar rap style to many old songs made by Tyler throughout his career. On his Instagram story on the day of the release of the album, Tyler shouted out Solange for her contribution to “I THINK.” He also indicated that the duo recorded the project in Lake Como, a very affluent region of Italy in the northern portion of the country. A tweet by Tyler about the song : "man having random folks walk up to me telling me about the bridge on I THINK gives me so much joy. if u know me i can be annyoing with talks about bridges and progressions so im hyped its people who care. the version you hear is the 9th one, kept going back until it was PERFECT."

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