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Trippie Redd - Miss the Rage (feat. Playboi Carti)

[Intro: Trippie Redd]
I love Trippie Redd

[Chorus: Trippie Redd]
I can't see a damn thing if it ain't guap (Oh my, woah)
I can't see a damn thing if it ain't guap (Oh my God, guap), yeah
They like Stevie (Stevie), they can't see me (See me)
They wanna be me (They wanna be me), I'm in that 'Ghini (In the Lamb' truck)
Whip like zucchini, water, Fiji (Yeah)
It ain't leave me (Yeah), she wanna please me (Yeah)
'Cause she needy (Yeah), ho like Mimi (Yeah)
Bitch like Mya (Mya, yeah), ho like Mimi (Yeah)
Bae like Mya (Yeah), ho like Mimi (Yeah)
Bitch like Mya (Yeah), ho like Mimi (Yeah)
Bae like Mya

[Verse 1: Trippie Redd]
This like GTA, we shoot out helicopters (Brrt), monsters (Brrt)
We pull up with sticks and hella choppers (Bah), 'oppas (Bah)
We don't fuck with niggas, they the cops (Cops, bitch)
I put my heart and soul into the Glock (In the Glock)
Bitch, it's us, never them, you ain't that, bitch, I'm him
You get zapped if it's static (Static), keep that MAC, it go "Pew"
Smokin' gas, smell the fumes, I'm in that 'Vette, it go "Vroom"
I'm a vet, lil' dude, you a pet, do what I say, not what I do
Tell him "Sit," bitch, come here
I just seen some niggas down the block that ain't from here
Know I got a lot but I need some damn more, yeah
If I catch the opps, then I'm uppin' the damn score, yeah

“Miss The Rage" is the lead single to Trippie Redd’s album TRIP AT KNIGHT. Produced by Dutch producer Loesoe and featuring Playboi Carti, this song is Trippie’s most-awaited release in recent years. Trippie explained the meaning behind the title “Miss The Rage” to XXL the day before the song was released: "I been locked away. I’m one of them people that’s at the festivals, I come out going crazy out the rips. I’m ready to get back to my stage presence. I’m tired of sitting in the house ’cause that’s all I been doing." The original “Miss The Rage” snippet received a considerable amount of hype after its preview on Instagram on December 21, 2020. As the song’s intro was gaining traction on TikTok, fans started to fantasize about Playboi Carti’s appearance on the track, using unreleased Carti vocals to create highly popular fan-made remakes of the song. In February 2021, the leak of a group chat screenshot made public Trippie’s intention of featuring Carti on the song. Trippie confirmed Carti’s involvement one month later by sharing a screenshot of their chat in a now-deleted Instagram post. On May 4, 2021, Trippie Redd finally revealed the cover art and announced the song’s release three days later.

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