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Trippie Redd - Leray

Good to now be here
It was love at first sight and misery after two months
Always feeling fucked up either by love or no love
"I thought you was married to the single life", she said
I wasn't necessarily looking for happiness, just less pain
I should've said somethin'
You said the only thing wrong with money is you ain't have enough of it
You said you deserve better, and now so do I
Anyways, the best part of us was me
When you got with me, you were a genius
Now without me, you have to live life as an idiot
I don't write songs, I write life, I told you that
And you were only fuckin' with my feelings because you didn't know your own
I do miss who I thought you were
And sometimes I'm miserable without you
So it's just like you're still here, shit

I need you to show me
Love me, love me closely
Love me like you own me and my heart
I need you to show me
Love me, love me closely
Love me like you own me and my heart, yeah

Leray is the intro track to Ohio rapper Trippie Redd's 6th studio album 'A Love Letter To You 4'. In the song, Trippie sings slowly over a guitar, talking about his past relationship with rapper/singer Coi Leray and how he wishes they had never gotten together. In the deluxe of the album Leray was originally released on, Trippie Redd presents another song titled 'Koi', connecting his ex's first and last name, Coi Leray together.

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