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Tribe 8 - Wrong Bathroom

Punk rock band touring the usa
Stopping along the american highway
Roll into the truckstop cuz i gotta take a leak
Everybodys staring like i'm some kind of freak
Fuck all this attention
I think i'll try to sneak
Into the ladies room
Without getting caught

Excuse me, sir?
Over by the stall?
Um, wrong bathroom
Mens is down the hall

So i pull up my shirt
To prove i'm the right gender
But the looks they're giving me
Are anything but tender
What's your problem?
I ain't got a member
Fine, i'll go into the boys room
But it really fucking stinks
Whats with your aim boy
You trying to hit the tank?
Your tomcat spray
By men is so rank
So for you i left a present:
Put a tampon on the sink

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