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Trapped Under Ice - Believe

What's left to believe?
Look to the streets, watch the burning bring a city to it's knees
Can't stop this disease of addiction
Can't stop the bleeding in the city that bleeds
One eye open in the night
Devils want to take what's yours, take your life by the street lights
But don't let them succeed
Don't listen to their words, don't you ever believe
No hope - I can't believe

What's left to believe in?
Believe what I can see, believe in hate, believe in sin
Lie cheat and steal, in the name of death
Baltimore city
Put your soul to rest
Eyes open in my sleep, keep your eyes peeled too
There's someone to take you
From the ones that you love
Take your life, take your money
Take the pain, take the drugs
No hope - I can't believe

I'm holding like a spring loaded demon
Ready to break, a life to take - the choice is yours
Hands not bound but forced I break the backs of gods - the end
I am the law
Adios, bye bye
Touch and die

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