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Tory Lanez - Keep In Touch (Feat. Bryson Tiller)

[Verse 1: Bryson Tiller]
I took the 95 to get from West Palm
Think I need a break from everything
Yes, I'm stressed way more than usual
I'm gettin' things back in order
Getting things back to how they used to be
Back to when the scrutiny had no effect on you and me
I miss driving with you in the passenger (Driving, yeah)
Feet up on my dash, we would see the sun lapse
Take you home, you would come see me before class
Makes more sense for you to crash with me but you never ask, oh why
Told you there's no need to be shy, oh why
I be waiting in the meantime, oh why
You always got me on stand by
When you know I need love
I'm missing when we was us
Miss when I wasn't famous, that's when we could be us
Kiss right in the street, fuck if anybody sees
Just friends, I don't think anybody believes
Hard to keep it PG with a nigga like me, goddamn

[Chorus: Bryson Tiller]
I fell in love with you, I fell in love, girl
I miss us
Nah, I won't front, got me so sprung
'Cause you, you're one of one (Hey)
It's no rush (Yeah, miss it)
I'm missing your touch (Your touch)
I'm missing your touch, oh
Missing when you kept in touch, oh-woah-oh (Oh, yeah)
When you kept in touch

On August 8, 2018, Tory shared a since-deleted teaser of this track to Instagram, followed by an official release to YouTube on August 17. On the song, Lanez recruits Bryson Tiller for a track on which they discuss how they both have one girl that they fell in love with but couldn’t “Keep in Touch” because they either drifted apart or couldn’t handle the changes they had to go through from being nothing into something.

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