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Torsofuck - Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver

Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver

Digging up her corpse, she is worm infested
Badly decomposed, but I take her to my home
Stench of rot turns me on and my c*** grows rapidly
I am so horny, I need to fuck that dirty whore
I put my c*** in her mouth, bitch gives rotted head
It feels so good, I slap her pus-filled face
Now it's time to give her something
Tonguefucking putrefying c***
The taste is incredible, much better than the one that is alive
I eat maggots from her pussy
I turn her over and start to fuck like a mad dog
Deeper and harder, I am about to go crazy
Now it's time to penetrate ass
Her asshole is so tight, this must be her first time
Faster and faster, I can feel my balls banging against her c***
I quickly c**, squirting inside rectum
Pulling my c*** out, it's covered with with sperm, shit and insects
Fucking stupid bitch, your ass was dirty, you fucking dead s***
I brutally smash my fist up her c*** and rip her entrails out
Double fistfucking her asshole
Chainsaw mutilation, she is now in pieces
I put all parts in plastic bags and drive back to cemetary
One by one I throw bags down her grave
No time to bury her again, fuck you whore

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