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To Release - Memento

Are you happy? You made a fool of me. Ruined me, but I couldn't stay away. I need to live another day for myself. I don't need your help. I wouldn't have it any other way. It takes so long for human beings to show their true colors. They just tend to be darker than before. I dug a hole too deep to gain control. Not deep enough to sleep forever enticed without another sight of me. Another hour passes by without a doubt in my mind. A mental mind game that's become a major fault of mine. A motive of this isolation that created me. A creation made of everything that I have ever seen. In my time I paid the price. I drank away the best of me. I knew that I had put my life to shame. Because of this, I lost it all. I can't go back to stop myself. My feeble attempt to wash it all away. In the dead of the night I find myself staring in the mirror. What a dreadful picture. As I continue to slip away I lose memories I cherish. All a part of this plan that remains unfinished. So you think you can just wash it all away for another day? You think your life can be put off by all this booze? All for who? I need to place all of my certainties within myself. Not swallowed down with the truth that I forgot. Take it away. I am not a slave. I am not a slave to this way. Let this be the day. A memento for change. Now embrace it's stay. A memento for change. Now embrace it's stay. I am in controlYou might also like

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