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To Release - Beneath The Moon

I wake up. Am I really awake? Possibly hallucinating. Dreading sleep. Every night hosts a nightmare that won't stop, and it's not fair. I'm not sure how much of this I can take. How much longer can I continue to accept this? To fake it. Well I can't accept this person I continue to be. There is not any room for no patience. Please take my body. With how little life that is left inside. Please bring me to a place that will reconcile my fate. All of the damage I have caused. Please bury me beneath the moon where I'll lay. Don't ever think of me. It will only cause you to believe that I am meant to be happy with the independence that was brought to me. Honestly there is nothing I could ever do to fix myself from not being what I need. Bury me under the moon so that I can see what belongs to me. This darkness I've achieved. All I need is to be free. Away from this, away from me. The moon will rise as I'm not meant to beYou might also like

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