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ThouxanBanFauni - Wish The Worst

3400 Savage
Boy, I be sippin' drug (Yeah)
Got it out the mud
Drug, drug, jugg, jugg
I be sippin' mud, got it out the mud
Mud, mud, mud, mud
(Southside, 3400)

Boy, I be sippin' drug (Sippin' drug)
Got it out the mud (Out the mud)
Holy grail runneth over while I blaze the bud (Blaze the bud)
Bape with the jewels (Jewels)
Robins with the studs (Studs)
I was countin' blues (Blues)
With my fuckin' cuz (Cuz)
Kickstand off the red (Off the red)
I'm boolin' with my blood (With my blood)
She say my biggest issue is I don't give no fuck (Fuck)
Birdies like to cluck (Like to cluck)
My ho, she off the dust (Off the dust)
Thinkin' I won't bust
Pussy nigga, what? (Nigga, what?)
Tryna' stay gold (Gold)
And never ever rust (Never rust)
Ayy, when I catch my first mil', it still won't be enough (Won't be enough)
Bitch, I be goin' ham (Hard)
And I be gettin' rough (Gettin' rough), yeah, yeah
Chiefin' Backs and not no Poms
I can't even bluff (I can't)
I learned it off the block (Off the block)
Boy, you such a yes man, all you know is yeah (Yeah)
If this the ho you claim then all she know is suck (All she know is suck)
Ayy, don't be actin' stiff, I know you need a plug (Plug)
Young Figueroa (Yeah)
Foreign ho, Samoa (Yeah)
I need extra dough
Not no extra ho (Bans)
We is not equals (Uh-uh)
We ain't even foes (We ain't)
Gave her cash to do her toes 'cause she get on my nerves (Nerves)
Schemin' with my gang (Gang)
Plottin' on your birds (Birds)
RiRi on my wrist (Wrist)
Work (Work), work (Work)
Yellow diamonds piss (Piss)
Twerk, twerk (Twerk)
I'm booted, Nirvana mist
I'm Kurt off the purp (Purp)
If you talkin' down (Down)
I leave that nigga hurt (In the dirt)
Run up on my bro (Yeah)
They had that nigga murked (Have him murked)
Got Lucky jeans (Uh)
In case she wish the worst (Wish the worst)
True Religion denim (Yeah)
In case she wish the worst (Wish the worst)
Yeah, shawty wish the worst
In case she wish the worst, uh, uh
Niggas wish the worst, uh, ayy
But I'm gucci off the purp, ayy

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