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ThouxanBanFauni - Dummy Boy

Ayy, Fauni Figueroa, let's get it
Bands, bands (Jay made a fucking $plash)
Bands, bands, bands, bands (Gettin' it)
Bands, bands (Gettin' it), bands, bands (Gettin' it)
Want all of the cash (Heavyweight champ, heavyweight champ)
Bands, bands (Gettin' it)
Keepin' that shit in my bag (Turn up my mic)

Can you name a nigga who got rich without committing sin?
Judge say you need to grow up, that's why they take me in
Shoutout to my partners with them numbers when I needed them
Couple nigga's stabbed my back, back when I believed in them
Old hoes just old hoes so I deleted them
Jew money, daily new money, boy, go get you some
I ain't rich but I get them bands, ho, I ain't no bum (Bands)
Chasin' dreams while I'm chasin' funds
From honchos to the ones
Stompin' in my Air Force Ones, like I weighed a ton
Thought her head game was fire before, wait 'til she tie that bun
26, biggest thottie, bitch, but innocent like a nun
Won't thumb no ass, rather thumb the cash (Bitch)
Fuck yo niggas and ones
I seen yo mans, and I peeped your ex, you like Cheeser boys (Lame niggas)
Greedy boys, broke and needy boys, bitch, come feed me boys
Home boys, always home, boy, I'm never home, boy
Gone, boy, don't get joan, boy, hit my phone, boy
Grown boy, I'm my own boy, fuck a known boy
Lone star chillin' wit' your bitch, I ain't alone, boy
Young Figueroa don't give no oaths, get to know me, boy (Get to know me)
Ain't really wit' all that talkin' Ima show me, boy
Wifey look like a Muslim, Kim, Kendall, Khloe, boy
Like them gold necks and watches, and them vintage Rollies, boy
Lil' throw tried to paranoid me, run up on me boy, bah (Ayy)
Dummy like a bitch, you's a dummy boy

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