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ThouxanBanFauni - BeBe (feat. LC Levi)

[Intro: LC Levi]
(Shoutout my nigga Synco)
Ayy, ayy, ayy
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, ayy, yeah

[Verse 1: LC Levi]
She be on the same drugs as me, I guess we soulmates
Right now, off the Addy, I'm about to speed race
Left hand on my chest, right hand up and I can't lie today
If a nigga try me, on my fam', I'll make him melt away
Yeah, the streets hot in the field, yeah, it's like Novocaine
I ain't scared of shit, I catch a homi', then she give me brain
Keep them racks on me, rack head, but I can't die today
Niggas claim they tough until they get hit with this magma ray
[Verse 2: Thouxanbanfauni]
Why I'm on this drank and pills? 'Cause it make mе normal
More 'bows than Robin Hood, more chickens than thе cardinal
Molly rock brown-tan like I scraped it from urinals
Gotta duck these goofy bitches 'cause they really just some bird hoes
Jack Nicholson, gotta get some, gotta go
Harlem Globe balling on the mic, so use your scope
We BeBe's kids for real, don't never do what we told
Your lil' homie had heart, he got got 'cause he was bold

[Bridge: LC Levi]
Ray, ray, ray, ray, ray
Boy, don't get hit with this ray
BeBe's kids, but we ain't come to play
All these hundreds, boy, I'ma throw it in your face

[Verse 3: LC Levi]
TTB, shorty hear the name and she do anything
She drown way too much tryna keep up with my energy
Lived a past life, no advice, that shit was born in me
I do what I want, most these bitches be annoying me

[Verse 4: Thouxanbanfauni]
Ronald McDonald, no lil' Uzi, yeah, Thouxan came with a big MAC
My old girl tryna hit my phone, but she need to watch out with the get back
My chauffer drove a fishbowl, hop out of that black big-body
He ain't know we had guns, he was peeping the ho's body
I fill the Suburban with these thotties, also shotties
Filled the Suburban with some thotties, that's including shotties
Filled the Suburban with some thotties, that's including shotties
We got sticks in the trunk, he don't know about itYou might also like

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