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Thousand Below - Chemical

[Verse 1]
I let you tell me how it goes and when it's all gonna end
I put you first in the world but you hate me again
I’m stuck with the thoughts that remind me of
All the things that you couldn't just seem to love
I almost had you in my hands
Some things never go as planned
Took as much as I could stand
Some things never change

Show me what I gotta do to let go
All I really know is that it's chemical
Turn the lights off, let the door close
If it’s meant to be then it's chemical
All I really know is that it's chemical

[Verse 2]
I let you tear me all apart and watched you put it all back
And like a dose too heavy, all my blood's going black
But you push and you pull till it's deadly
I bet you'd love to know that I'm shaking
Closer than it's ever been
Farther than it’s ever felt
You won’t ever understand
Some things never change

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