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Thornhill - Sunflower

What do you see?
I hope to hell it rains on me
Pre-existing stains
Around the room
I have less in my head
Than I want to assume

Like a flower in the sun
I like to watch you grow
I’d give you no water
And put on a show
You caught me in your trap
And tried to tie me up
I’d let you kill me slowly
Just to make it stop

Get out of my head
I’ll put it on the table
Take me Instead
I hope you’ll learn
I hope you burn
Just wait your turn
My sunflower

Nothing is selfless
Call me a liar and a thief
Place your hand in mine
I’ll let you fall
Don’t count on me
Now I don’t need you around
And I’ll make you pay
For the years of torment
Hurt won’t go astray

We dance around the sun until we all burn
I need to play my part in this so Ill learn
I’ll rip you out like a weed

I'll take the joy from you
While I make you watch
I will rip you apart, I’ll fucking rip you apart

No one feels what you feel
This pains not real
My lies were yours transparently
If you were mine
What would I be?

Do you really know me?
I’m losing you slowly
It doesn’t get worse than this
All this commitment
But you just won’t get it
It doesn’t get worse than this
Just wait your turn
My sunflower

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