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Thom Yorke - Dawn Chorus

Back up the cul-de-sac
Come on, do your worst
You quit your job again
And your train of thought
If you could do it all again
A little fairy dust
A thousand tiny birds singing
If you must, you must
Please let me know
When you’ve had enough
Of the white light
Of the dawn chorus
If you could do it all again
You don't know how much
Pronto pronto, moshi mosh
Come on, chop chop

If you could do it all again
Yeah, without a second thought
I don't like leaving
The door shut
I think I missed something
But I'm not sure what
In the middle of the vortex
The wind picked up
Shook up the soot
From the chimney pot
Into spiral patterns
Of you, my love

The track begins with Thom addressing someone who seems to be repeating the same mistakes in life. And he is questioning how this person would conduct himself if he had the chance to “do it all again”. Ultimately the idea Thom seems to be putting forth is not so much one of advocating second chances as it is that even if such were given, the individual would likely behave the same way. But in a roundabout way, he still appears to be supporting the idea of self-transformation, specifically in regards to the person he is addressing. However, what he seems to be ultimately saying is that a person must invest an ample amount of energy into such an endeavor to bring about the desired result. Overall it looks as if the person the singer is addressing is actually himself. And in that regard, he is expressing regret over some of the things he has done. If such is the case, then he is clearly trying to encourage himself to keep pressing forward despite his past mistakes. However, all things considered, he does not sound overly optimistic that he is actually going to be able to change. Perhaps in all of this, what he is actually doing is lamenting over a lost love, one which it does not look like he will be able to reclaim. In a 2009 interview, Thom Yorke was asked what his favorite Radiohead song was. He responded by saying: "Whatever… I’m finishing at the moment. Um, there’s one called ‘Dawn Chorus’ I’m trying to finish at the moment: that’s really great… I think." The song’s title later appeared as the constructed LLP that the band’s ninth album "A Moon Shaped Pool", would be released under.

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