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This Is Hell - Resuscitate

Long gone are the days when blood flowed through my frozen veins
Dormant are the thoughts of a complete recovery
And I know it's not the time to let it slip away
When all that's in my grasp turns to visions of a world so bleak
Reach inside, pull out what was once the greatest part of me
Resuscitate this life of mine before the angel calls
Shock my system, wake me up, don't let me close my eyes
I'll gasp for breath if you give me the air
Through these years in solitary I haven't felt a thing
Bring an end to a winter trapped in dark clouds
Bring back the strength to get up that's never felt so pointless
I have been drawn and quartered, bound and gagged, left for dead
Watching all I've hoped for pass me by while I fail to survive
This artificial adrenaline will run out before I know it
You are the last chance I have to save what's left of me
If I'm left alone a new day loses it's certainty
But I'm not ready to lay down
My time isn't up just yet
I need to find a way out of this hollow coma
And I can't afford to be ignored
Listen, reach out, this is just another plea for aid
Just know that this time all I am hangs in the balance
Resuscitate this life because I've got so much more to say

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