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This Is Hell - In Shambles

This is the final showdown
The last time you'll see my face
Don't turn your back on me now
This grudge ends right here
In a place once known as hallowed ground
Now only remembered as your final resting place
You never thought I'd have the guts to face you
Your crimes can't go unpunished so I'm casting the first stone
You never stood a chance
There's nothing left to stop me now
From leaving your world in shambles and walking away
With your weight off my shoulders
And now were onto you
I always suspected someone lurking in the shadows
You butchered us all while our blood was still warm
But I wont let it pass, my patience has been drained
If you make one move, I'm forced to strike you down
For better or worse
We can't carry you anymore
Just now exposed
You've been a liar all along
Now even our memories are tainted by your deception
This world is crumbling while you writhe
Searching for someone left to blame
This world is crumbling
And I don't feel pity for you at all
I'll show no restraint
Never before have you shown empathy
Now you'll suffer till your last
And I'm responsible
Suffer till your last ounce of strength leaves your body.

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