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Theory of a Deadman - World Keeps Spinning

[Verse 1]
Why I always gotta be afraid?
Yeah, I'm sick of all the stomach aches
Always dizzy, haven't eaten nothing
Always sleeping, haven't seen nobody
Out here living in the Wild West
A lack of confidence is when I'm at my best
I'm just a burnout trying to fade away
Like a moth drawn to the flame
They talking shit, ain't quick enough to block it, no
I'm getting hit, fallin' down, so I'm staying low
I feel it's all for nothing, I'm feeling all alone
That voice is saying something, it's saying, "Welcome home"

I miss my mom, I miss my friends
I miss it all, but in the end
Woah, the world keeps spinning
Woah, the world keeps spinning
I'm feeling lost, I'm feeling dead
I feel it's all maybe in my head
Woah, the world keeps spinning
Woah, the world keeps spinning

[Verse 2]
Body's aching from all the stress (All the stress)
Yeah, I'm dead inside, my skin a mess (My skin a mess)
One on one, I can hold my own
But I'm out here fighting like I'm Al Capone
Gonna sell it like it's end of days (End of days)
My mama telling me it's just a phase (It's just a phase)
I don't know what to do, yeah, I just want to scream
I don't mean shit to you, I ain't a human being

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