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Theo Croker - To be we (feat. Jill Scott)

[Intro: Jill Scott]
Thank you
And now for my next magic trick
I'm going to speak to a very specific place
For this trick, my mouth will be moving
But I will not be using it

[Verse 1: Jill Scott]
To be we, there will be a different hearing
Allow this, here, there
Old homes intended, intendedly
And whispers bantered
To reach
Past what you think you think you think
Loving is always a different arrangement
[Refrain: Jill Scott]
Eyes fluttering, pulled me down
Lashes and the butterflies
Quiet, quiet
Eyes flattering
Pull me down, pull me down
Let me see

[Verse 2: Jill Scott]
Grind and let me see your eyes
Here's mine
Oh, how, I am welcomed journey entry
My universal university
Pouring, pouring, pouring, pouring, pouring, pouring
So alive here
With all mightiness
Sweet like a breeze
I am missionary
And we are my mission
Freedom is passion
Freedom is delicious
Freedom is my favorite position

[Outro: Jill Scott]
Take me all over
Move into titillating tongue kisses to my inner vision (Take me all over)You might also like

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