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The Word Alive - Like Father Like Son

If you're not my blood, you are my bones
The only one I've ever known

You showed me how to be a man
You don't know what you mean to me
So many secrets run through me

Don't fuck with family!
Don't fuck with family!

I've tried to be a better man
For you will see that I've grown

I know we've both made mistakes but you could never fail me
In my heart you're the one who's molded me to be a man who could make you proud
Do you have regrets do you ever look back?
Do you have regrets, don't look back

The one I turn to
Nobody sees me as you do
You're always there

You taught me all I know (you better me I know)
You taught me all I know (you better me I know)
I'm sorry for the times I made you sad
I just want you to know that

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